Windows 10 Update For Mobile

Windows 10 Update For Mobile: Have you been thinking of upgrading your Windows phone to Windows 10? Then its time you should check out its features and how to download it as it currently tops in the market. Microsoft has unveiled its future vision in the form of Windows 10 which is the latest version of Windows operating system and is now combined with the Windows Phone OS, providing you a new Windows 10 Mobile update. Released on 12.02.2015, it was like a technical preview for Lumia phones including Lumia 730, Lumia 830 and Lumia 635 and today includes all models of the Lumia collection.

Windows 10 Update For Mobile

Windows 10 Update For Mobile

If you want various operating systems, say that of your desktop, phone and tablet to be unified into a single powerful one, then Windows 10 Mobile update is the appropriate solution. It is Microsoft’s first attempt to create an extremely handy combination where you have everything and almost the Windows 10 Operating system of your phone has similar features as that of Windows 10 desktop. This includes features like similar kernel, same user interface elements, similar settings and menu, and even the same Cortana. This upgrade also gives you a Personal Computer like experience even with your Windows phone. You will probably be wondering how it is possible. The Continuum on Windows 10 mobile phone that is supported in a few of recent smart phones helps you experience desktop- like phone which can be done by connecting the mobile phone to an external monitor.

You can freely upgrade phones with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 although the process of approval takes a little while. Although the process is a little long, it is quite easy to carry out. You will have to update your phone to Windows 8.1 first to get an up gradation of Windows 10. First, you will need to install the Windows Insider App from the store to upgrade your phone to Windows 10. Windows Insider App currently expanded to phones enables users to avoid carriers and thus allows direct installation of operating system on their mobile phones. Install Windows Insider App and login using your Microsoft account.

You must ensure your enrollment in the App. Then choose between the fast or slow mode of installment of the Windows Insider App you want. If you want to obtain updates as soon as they are accessible, you can go for a fast installment or else you can choose slow installment and wait until the builds are a bit more stable before updating. Read the terms and conditions notice including the warranty details carefully and confirm your acceptance of the Windows Insider Program. Click on the check sign and go to the settings for enabling your phone update. Check for new updates and in order to update to Windows 10, your phone may require going through a few steps. Depending on the storage space you have, the update may take around 20 minutes or more.

There is a wide array of features that Windows 10 upgrade has for its eager users. It includes the enabling of flight mode and disabling of data connections. It also includes advancements like bug fixing and enabling the download of keyboards for different languages. Other surprising features that Windows 10 has for us include:

  1. Free of cost and easy upgradation

An enhanced Action Centre helps fasten up your daily tasks and the brand new Microsoft Edge Browser will provide you a peaceful reading experience. It also comprises of a few built-in applications like Maps, photos and Calendar. Once you upgrade your Windows 8 Lumia to Windows 10, you will start obtaining new updates and apps.

  1. Seamless Windows 10 service

Enjoy seamless Windows 10 service on your brand new Lumia 550, 650, 950, 950 XL etc. right away out of the box. You can also have easy access to apps, music, games and so on via a united Windows Store and stay updated with new features every day.

  1. Brand new Office and Outlook Mail

Experience the all new Office mobile apps with Windows 10 upgrade which enables a rich editing and viewing of your Office files. Also, your Windows 10 smartphone allows you to manage your e-mail accounts well by bringing together all the mail accounts together in a single place with the Outlook Mail.

  1. Cortana in Windows 10

The Cortana which is now available in many countries like Canada, Germany, France, Italy, India, Spain etc. is one of the world’s popular digital assistant that helps users with tasks like scheduling events and sending emails. Cortana is now available on Windows 10 that can allow you to set a reminder on your Windows 10 computer that gets visible on your Lumia as well.

  1. Apps for All

Windows Store has now become a huge storehouse of various apps, games, videos and music etc. that allows you to update yourself with the latest apps and news.

  1. Personalization of start screen

Since we believe that your phone is your personal expression, we have developed advanced settings to set a full-sized background photo for the start screen.

  1. A quicker action Centre

We have now expanded the view of a Windows phone with the new update which can go up to three rows so as to make the Action centre function faster for you.

  1. Highly interactive notifications

You can now perform your activities more interactively like dismissing an alarm or replying to an SMS instantly with the interactive notifications on a Windows 10 mobile.

  1. Well advanced speech-to-text Application

With this technology, new Windows 10 phone will transform your speech into written text, significantly adding punctuations wherever required. This software is as smart enough to differentiate between ‘two’ and ‘too’ based on where it is required.

  1. Enhanced Photo Apps

Once you update to Windows 10, from the very first installation itself, ‘Photos’ will differentiate your local photos as a different set and those in One Drive separately.

A smartphone with Windows 10 operating system is equivalent to a powerhouse in your hands and hence don’t hesitate to move a step ahead to Windows 10 updating.