Whatsapp For Windows 10 Mobile

Whatsapp For Windows 10 Mobile: Most of us today are consumers of the vibrant, multi-facility chatting app Whatsapp, a free messaging and chatting app available on smart phones. Currently, the most popular messaging app in the market has always been loved for its free service provided with the aid of your phone’s Wi-Fi or internet connection (2G/ 3G/ 4G etc.). The arrival of Whatsapp had resulted in a huge shift from SMS to internet chatting using media apart from the text which conveys your message more effectively. Facebook Inc. who has bought Whatsapp now, is alert of any new introductions in the technology market and hence has come up with Whatsapp for the new Windows 10 mobile.

Whatsapp has widened the horizon of messaging including various effective media which includes an audio-visual experience apart from simple text messages. You can always make your messages more conveying through sound, pictures and videos. This motive is on work when it comes to the basic principle of Whatsapp. It provides you numerous facilities like those given below:

Whatsapp For Windows 10 Mobile

Free usage

Whatsapp gives you free of cost usage of the utility for the first year. Even though it charges a small amount thereafter, the pay is definitely worth it for your Windows 10 phone. This app utilizes the Wi-Fi availability or the internet pack of your SIM card to give you free flow of messages and ensures effective communication with some fun.

The multimedia option gives you a wide range of different options of messaging which includes picture messages, pics art, gifs, smiley, videos, voice messages and even Whatsapp calls.

Group chat facilitates a community conversation bringing users together as a Whatsapp family.

No roaming charges or international usage rate cuttings.

You can keep updated about yourself wherever you are by sending location and also read messages offline.

Whatsapp for Windows 10 is currently something that window phone users are presently looking ahead for and the one in great demand now in the market.