Warbits for PC (Windows 10) Download

Warbits for PC (Windows 10) Download: Warbits is a war simulation game. The genre of the game is turn based strategy. The game is very interesting and easily accessible. You will have to fight on a square grid battlefield in the game. The game has enough depth and can keep you satisfied for a long duration of time. You have to settle the disputes of the tomatoes and vegetables in the game.

Warbits for PC (Windows 10) Download

Features of Warbits for Windows 10

It is a strategy game that has been designed around a battlefield. The game is an asynchronous multiplayer game which powers up to four people to play together in the game. The interface of the game is amazing and shows the capability of your units. It shows the enemies in a very efficient way. The game consists of an interesting set of characters to keep the players engaged for long intervals. You can also play the game in the solo mode. The game also consists of a hashtag system in the game to compete against the enemies. There are different war units in the game which depend on upon the factors like Moves, Vision, and armoury. The art of the game is a unique blend of the sci-fi, Vector, and retro. The game is visually very appealing.

Game Play of Warbits

The game play is relatively easy as compared to the games of the same genre. In order to play the game. The player has to conquer the cities, factories and airfields in order to gain money. This money can be used to fight against the enemy. The player can select from the different war units available in the game in order to build his army. With the help of the tags, a player can play with the different groups playing with the same tag online. You can enable or disable the fog or powers in the game as a tactic to fight against the enemies in order to play.

How to download Warbits for Windows 10 PC?

  • Download the Warbits Builder apk
  • Then download Bluestacks App player
  • Now open the Bluestacks app player
  • Install the Warbits apk using the Bluestacks app player.
  • After the installation is complete, you fill find the Warbits application in the app section of Bluestacks.
  • Now click on the application and enjoy.

5. Warbits 2

Warbits for Windows 10 PC is a niche game with exuberant graphics. The game has a variety of features as compared to the other strategy games available in the market. The game has been refined in every aspect.