Trivia Crack for Windows 10

Trivia Crack Windows 10: The popular trivia quiz game after gaining a lot of attention from android, ios and windows phone users is now been launched for windows 10. Enjoy this brain teasing and stupendously addicting game now on the large screen of your personal computer. The game Trivia crack requires an internet connection to gather data from the internet. Users from around the world can upload questions and answers online to make this game interesting. This is a very smart game which makes sure that only correct data is saved in the system. The game also allows real time gaming by playing against other users. Challenge your brain and increase your learning skills. The user can also sync all his/her progress by using Google play account. This is not a simple game of with objective of winning. The user gets to challenge his/her brain and develop their learning skills and gain knowledge.


  • The user can challenge anyone online.
  • Accept the challenge from players around the word.
  • Choose your game from a range of topics such as history, geography and much more
  • Beautiful HD graphics and easy navigation.
  • Login through facebook for faster user registration, the user can also edit his account.
  • Add friends to challenge them for games and communicate.
  • See your game progress with statistics
  • In-app purchase for more lives.
  • See all the achievements and ranking with your progress.
  • Add your questions and answers to the game to share your knowledge.
  • You can also rate questions on the basis of how helpful they were for your knowledge.
  • The user can translate question in their language.
  • The game has its own message system for player to communicate in game
  • Share your game progress on social networking site through the game.

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How to play trivia crack for windows 10

To download this interesting game on your PC you will have to download game emulator Andy and follow the instructions to download the game in your system.

  • Check your BIOS settings for activated virtualization also check latest video drivers are installed I you personal computer.
  • Download the emulator Andy and install it in your system.
  • If you find any difficulties check facebook page of the game forum for help and support.
  • Launch Andy and follow the instruction to signup
  • User can also log in to Google play or facebook account
  • In the emulator now search for Trivia crack and follow the instructions to install it.
  • When trivia crack is installed launch the game and enjoy this game.

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This exciting game can be played on smartphones and personal computers. To download the game user will have to download game emulator Andy and follow instructions to complete the installation process. Connect with social networking sites to share the game and maintain your progress statistics. Submit your questions and answers to challenge other participants you can also translate the questions and answers. The game application is for free and the installation process is very simple.Play it on your PC