Transformers: Earth Wars for Windows 10 PC

Transformers: Earth Wars for Windows 10 PC:  Transformer: Earth Wars is the game revolves around your famous transformers characters. The battles and the battlefields are similar to what is depicted in the Transformers movie. The transformers have to save the earth with the help of their army. The weapons can be collected throughout the game to increase the pool of weapons in order to fight better.

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Features of Transformer: Earth Wars for Windows 10

  • The game provides an option to battle with different sort of weapons like missile launchers, shock towers and laser turrets.
  • There is an option to build your own team. You can choose to be the famous transformer character Optimums Prime.
  • The voice of the Optimums prime in the game has been taken from the real movie. So when you play the character you will feel like you are The Optimus Prime.
  • You have the option of attacking the opposite factions. There are over 40 robots taken from the legendary movie.
  • You can defend your base stations by using several tactics. You can use the building blocks present in the game to fortify your base stations.
  • You can ally with different players across the globe to win battles with their help. You can use Space Bridge to protect yourself from an attack.
  • Millions of Transformers fans around the globe will get an enriching experience after playing this game.
  • The artwork of the game is inspired by Transformers Prime wars trilogy. This depicts how close the game is to the real movie.
  • You will hear the original voice of Megatron while you play the game.
  • All the storytellers and characters have been taken from the original transformers franchise. People can play the game on Windows 10 PC for amazing desktop experience.

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Transformers: Earth Wars- Game Details

  • Publisher: Backflip Studios, LLC
  • Category: Strategy
  • Player Mode: Multi-Player
  • Others Gaming Type: Blood, Intense Violence
  • Operating System: Xbox Live, Xbox 360, coming soon on Microsoft Windows 10 PC

How to download Transformers: Earth Wars for Windows 10?

The game has not been released for Windows 10 yet. We will update you as soon as the game becomes available for Windows 10 PC

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Transformers: Earth Wars has carried forward the legacy set by Transformers movie. The characters in the game look real. The voice of the famous transformers characters is one of the highlights of the game. The game has a real potential to give challenge to the strategy games already present on Windows application store.