Top Strategy Games for Windows 10

Window 10 strategy games: Windows users, there is good news for you!! Now, you can have access to all the strategy games from Windows store with just a single click. These games can be played on Windows Smart phones or systems having Windows Operating system. Below, we have listed some of the best games which involve the player mentally to use strategy and get a winning edge over different players and competitors while playing the game.

Age of Empires

It is a free strategy game wherein players have to build up an empire of their own. During the game the main aim is to beat out attackers and earn high scores and achievements within the game. You must develop strategies to form strong armies that have the potential to win battles.

The Tribez

In this game, the player has to travel to past which is full of secrets and mystery. So, build up a village of your own and discover the places which have been hidden behind mountains, valleys and seas. After this, lead your tribe from there.

Star Wars

The gameplay in the galaxy is quite interesting. While playing this game on your smart phone or Windows system, you will find yourself near to galaxy. Herein, the players will have to make a choice to fight on their own for empire or hire commanders to help them fight. The players can even take the help of heroes who can help them save their empire.

Cloud Raiders

The gameplay has sky that is completely filled with different islands and the players have to conquer them all. Users have a large army and all of them have to be designated to protect and fight for island.

Monster Castle

This strategy game is available for free for the users and one can use game mechanics in the game for easy play. In this game, player will have to defend the tower, act as the chief of monsters, work for the establishment of abandoned castle, create an army and then fight and protect the monsters within the game.

Throne Wars

This game is available for free for the users. In this game, the players will have to form a kingdom, do alliances and then set an example of a true ruler. You can begin with the creation of a city and then aim at forming a complete kingdom. Fight over for kingdom and capture it under your own name.

World at arms

The game has been developed by Gameloft and is available for users using IOS and Android. This is one of those modern games which can be downloaded by users to experience a true gameplay. It is also made available for Windows 10. The mission of the game is quite real; players are required to protect their earth from enemies present in the game.

Kingdoms and Lords

The game seems to be quite fantastic and can be played by the user easily after few tries. The player in the game is owner of the kingdom, and his only duty is to defend their empire against any force or enemy attacking it.

These games are some of the best Windows 10 games which helps player to develop the strategy of wining and helps him/her to play the game with intelligence.