Top RPG Games for Windows 10

Best windows 10 RPG: People are searching out for RPG games online and the best thing they can do for this is consult a professional or a game addict, who have an amazing experience playing these RPG games. Hence, to help out the players to make the perfect game selection, we have bought forward the best RPG games which can be played on Windows 10 device. RPG games are considered as the best games when it comes to gameplay on portable devices.

Spectral Souls

This is a Japanese game which can be conveniently downloaded from Windows store against some payment. The game has some amazing graphics and goes along with a story creating a keen interest of users within this game.


This game is available for free for Windows users and is considered as one of the best games. However, the graphics of the game are not that impressive, but the gameplay is quite addictive. The theme of this game is quite thrilling and it rotates around God and angels. The game is all about action, so there is no point of users getting bored while playing this game.


This game is also available on other platforms as well i.e. Android and IOS including Windows. Players can enjoy the game in five different modes and one can even use different characters, weapons and skills in the game to succeed. The game is again available for free for users, making it all the more attractive for the players.

Dragon Blade

The game is one of the most interesting games to play. The graphics of this game are again a problem for the users. This game is a combination of two different games such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior. Explore different worlds within this game and come across enemies that you need to eliminate from the game. So, the user, who is willing to play this game, can download it for free from Windows store.

The Lone Ranger

For players who are looking out for adventurous game then they might love ‘The Lone Rangers’ game. However, the graphics and story still have some room of improvements and developers can work for the same. Players will have to protect their own town and shoot down the enemies to win in the game.


In this game, the players can enjoy a fantasy world which consists of various kinds of magic and monsters. It would be best for the players who would like to kill monsters without the need of doing anything else in the game. This game is all about action and more of it. So, download this RPG game from windows store and start having fun while playing this game.

Above listed were some of the best RPG games which can be accessed by users using Windows 10 devices. All these games have been rated best and undoubtedly they are one of the best games to try your hands on.