Tekken 6 for windows 10 free download

Tekken 6 windows 10: Tekken 6 is the seventh installment in the Tekken franchise the game is developed by the Japanese company Bandai Namco Games. This Japanese company has published the game too. Tekken 6 is the most popular arcade game. You can enjoy this arcade game on your system or laptop by installing a PSP game emulator.  Tekken is always played on Xbox and PlayStation console.

Tekken 6 1


  • The game offers more interactive platforms; new battlegrounds can be found by hitting and breaking walls and floors.
  • The user can choose to play single player or multiple players
  • Enhanced character customization function.
  • Rage feature is introduced to allow the player to inflict more damage per hit.
  • When rage is activated the aura of player glows in red, aura color can be customized.
  • The bound feature is added to allow multiple combo hits.
  • Choose to play from 40 characters and master your martial-arts moves.

Tekken 6 2

How to download Tekken 6 for windows.

The game can only be played on PSP or XBOX console and there is no official release of the game for windows, so follow the below instructions to download Tekken 6 on your personal computer.

  • Download and install PSP emulator PPSSPP, this emulator is for android and works just fine for windows.
  • If you have Mac and Linux OS the same emulator will work on them too.
  • After installation of the emulator, download Tekken 6 IOS file.
  • Launch PPSSPP emulator and click on file menu tab.
  • Select and Load Tekken6 IOS file that you downloaded earlier.
  • Launch the game in an emulator and enjoy the game on your personal computer or Mac.
  • The emulator is very easy to download by searching it on Google.


Developed and published by the Japanese company Bandai Namco Games this PSP and XBOX exclusive game Tekken6 is now available for windows PC. The game has various new features like excellent graphics in 2D, excellent sound, and special effects. The user can customize not only his/her player but they can also customize different aspects of the game. Tekken 6 has introduced 6 more players with 36 already existing characters. Rage and aura features are introduced to give the player the power to hit the opponent and inflict more damage. New battlegrounds are introduced with the more interactive approach. The game can be played on windows, Mac, and Linux computers only after installing PSP emulator. The emulator works fine for windows and Mac but the game will be played in a 2D graphic interface.