Tactera for PC (Windows 10) Download

Tactera for PC (Windows 10) Download:  Tactera is a virtual real-time strategy game that is set in a graphical environment on a virtual table top. You will have to select a map when you start the game in order to play. In the game, you can make real-time strategies in the Virtual reality environment. You can fight the battles with the help of arms and ammunitions in the game. The game can be played in head to head multiplayer environment. There is a specific virtual arena in the game in which the player has to play.

Tactera for PC (Windows 10) Download

Features of Tactera for Windows 10

  • The game provides you a virtual arena to play. You can have various space crafts in the game which will help you to combat the enemy.
  • There are various radar stations in the game which tell you about any missile that is going to hit you or any enemy aircraft that is targeting to hit you.
  • The fights will get tougher and tougher as you advance in the game. You will get the real feel of the battlefield while you play the game with the help of VR headsets.

Game Play of Tactera

  • You can point and shoot various dwellings in the arena. You can form the strategy against the enemies by using your mind in order to fight.
  • You can plant various bombs in the arena and can shoot various the enemy using various missiles.
  • You can use various drones and tanks in the game to counter the enemy. 12 unique types of weapons can be chosen in the game that will help you to fight any type of enemy.
  • As you will advance in the various levels of the game you will new weapons and powers to fight against the enemy.

How to download Tactera for Windows 10?

The game has not yet released for Windows 10.We will update you once it gets released for Windows 10.

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Tactera is an exceptional mix of action, strategy and virtual reality. The game is very challenging and gives some real battle experiences. It can be played by the people of all age groups. The graphical display and the interaction of the game make it really interesting.