Surface Pro 5 Release Date

Surface Pro 5 Release Date: There are great chances for Microsoft to upgrade Surface Pro this year. It is highly expected that the up gradation to Surface Pro 5 from Surface Pro 4 will most probably happen in the fourth quarter of 2016. Rumors have it that the new version of Surface Pro will unveil at an occasion scheduled to happen in the month of October 2016. There are also talks that at the same occasion along with the unveiling of the next generation of Surface Pro tablets and Surface Book, the new Surface phone will also be inaugurated.

Surface Pro 5 Features and Specialties

But there are also chances that the release date of Surface Pro will get postponed to next year spring because of various reasons. The first reason says that Surface Pro 5 is supposed to be equipped with Windows 10 Operating System which is called the “Redstone 2”. But unfortunately since the development of Redstone 2 is not over yet, there is less chance that Surface Pro will be released sooner. The second reason is that since the development of Redstone 2 has delayed, Microsoft had decided to develop an Intel chip that is high end (called the Kaby Lake). The shortage of this chip again delays the release of the fifth generation Surface Pro device. But if Surface Pro gets unveiled this year itself then it will have neither Kaby Lake nor Redstone 2.

Rumors regarding certain features of the new generation tablet are out already which says that the latest Surface Pro 5 is expected to have a display screen of 12.3-inch with a pixel resolution of 2736×1824. The gossip about the price is that it will be around $899. Other peculiarities regarding the model of the tablet are that it features a USB Type-C port that supports 4K resolution along with a fingerprint scanner and a RAM of 16GB RAM. It will also come with a surface pen that is also rechargeable.