Shadow Fight 3 for Windows 10 PC Download

Shadow Fight 3 for Windows 10 PC: Shadow Fight 3 is a 3rd Dimensional social fighting game with arcade style developed by Nekki. It is the third sequel of Shadow Fight where the makers have brought a graphical change in their characters making them more dynamic and colourful. Nonetheless, they wanted to keep the essence of their original art live for which they have decided to include various Shadow Fighters. Would you like to know more about Shadow Fight 3? Read on…

10. Shadow Fight 3 for Windows 10 PC 1

Features of Shadow Fight 3 for Windows 10 PC

  • Arcade style fighting quest with plenty collectibles
  • 3D High Definition Graphics
  • Complete each level and become the best Martial Arts Fighter
  • Close the Gate of Shadows with diverse range of weapons, opponents and bosses
  • Style your character with unique customization options
  • Choose your fighting style from three factions – Dynasty, Heralds and Legion
  • Defeat your enemies with powerful weapons available in the store

10. Shadow Fight 3 for Windows 10 PC 2

Game Play of Shadow Fight 3

  • Attack your enemies before they recover to protect yourself from danger
  • Kick-start with meeting Shadow Master and learn new moves
  • Move, Punch and Kick with your virtual joystick on the left of your screen
  • Complete tasks to produce coins and secure powerful weapons
  • Undertake training to prove you are worthy of real quests

How to download Shadow Fight 3 on Windows 10 PC?

We are sure you are tempted to download and experience the new features and challenges of this exciting Role-playing Game. The Free to Play Game by developer Nekki is scheduled to be released by the Fall of 2016.

Details of Shadow Fight 3

Here are some specifications of one of the most awaited games of 2016,

  • Category: Action and Adventure
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10, 8.1, 8
  • Approximate File Size: 80+ MBs
  • Age Ratings: 12 Years and above
  • Supported Processor: Neutral
  • Languages: English, French, Deutsch, Italiano, Turkish, Española, Portuguese

10. Shadow Fight 3 for Windows 10 PC 3

Shadow Fight 3 will take you to the next level of gaming with various controls, collectibles, styles and a whole new experience of 3D graphics introduced to tantalize your imaginations. Top the scoreboards and prove you are a true, invulnerable and strong ninja. Stay connected with the latest news above Shadow Fight 3 release dates and download.