Rise: Race The Future for PC (Windows 10) Download

Rise: Race The Future for PC (Windows 10) Download: Rise: Race The Future is a futuristic car racing game in which the cars have this new technology where they can run on a variety of surfaces like land, air, and water. The cars in the game have been designed by automotive designer Anthony Jannarelley. New challenges have been added in the game which makes the game much more interesting.

Features of Rise: Race The Future for Windows 10

The style of the game is arcade based. The game has a history mode that has been specifically designed to choose from your favorite futuristic cars. The player has to perform various drifts in the game in order to score the points. The game has been built around the sci-fi theme where the player will actually get to know the need to these futuristic vehicles. The new design of the cars is clearly visible in the game. The new generation cars have been given full automation. The cars have designed to combat the friction from the air when they fly. The engine capacity and the tyres of the car have been redesigned.

Game Play of Rise: Race The Future

The game play is quite unique, the player has to choose the specific model of the car in order to run the race. The race will involve various cars of different players with different powers. You will have to run the race on land, water and air to fight with the other cars and will the race.

How to download Rise: Race The Future for Window 10?

The game has not been released yet. As soon as the game gets released we will update you about how to download the game for Windows 10

The designer has redesigned the car for the gaming purpose. The game will give you the feel of the different surfaces. You can perform various stunts in water and air as well. New models of the cars have been built specifically for this purpose. The game has some of the exciting new features yet to be explored.