Pac-Man 256 for Windows 10 PC Download

Pac-Man 256 for Windows 10: Everyone in this world must have played the Pac-Man 256 game at least once, but it has been redefined in a way never imagined before. The Pac-Man 256 for Windows 10 is available now. With the amazing new features. New challenges have been added to make the game play exciting.

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Features of Pac-Man 256 for Windows 10

  • 15 major power ups have been added in the game which give the game a major boost.
  • There are character that have been carried forward from the previous Pac-Man 256 versions as well.
  • You have to use mouse to change the direction of the Pac-Man 256, there is not an option of using the keys of the keyboard.
  • Is has added new mazes and challenges that were not previously present.
  • It has come up with new characters like Pac-chicken along with good old Pac-Man.
  • There are some ghost characters to be unlocked for which you will have to perform various tasks within the game like unlocking several challenges.
  • Once the challenges have been unlocked you can have amazing power ups
  • These points have the power to unlock the other challenges as well.
  • The arcade of Pac-Man 256 has changed, it has got new road crossing arcade for the Pac-Man.
  • There are obstacles like the trucks and trains which are added to make the game more challenging.

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Game Play of Pac-Man 256

To play the game you need to follow these simple set of instructions

  • All you need to do to play the game is to choose your favorite Pac-Man 256 for Windows 10 character and start walking on the roads. Crossing these roads is quite simple.
  • You have to move your Pac-Man character to these roads. You will need to cross the roads and collect the dots to score the points in order to
  • You have to escape various obstacles than come in between the roads and reach the targets to play the game.
  • You have to eat the dots that come in your way while crossing the roads to increase your points while you play the game.

How to download Pac-Man 256 on Windows 10?

  • Download Bluestacks for your Windows 10 pc.
  • Once you have downloaded the Blue stacks android emulator for your Windows 10 PC download the Pac-Man 256 endless maze apk.
  • Download the application via Bluestacks by going to the search box on the top left corner of your Bluestacks application.
  • Once the game is downloaded click it and open.

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Pac-Man 256 for Windows 10 is an amazing game which can be played by the people of all ages. This game has been changed in a way it becomes interesting for the end users .It poses major changes in the game play to make it a wonderful game.