Mega Blast for PC (Windows 10) Download

Mega Blast for PC (Windows 10) Download: Mega Blast involves block-breaking, coin-grabbing and bomb-throwing activities inside the game. Monster Redfort and his friends are the main characters of the game. It is a 3D game. The world of Redfort has been designed in an extremely new fashion.

Mega Blast for PC (Windows 10) Download

Features of Mega Blast for Windows 10

  • The game consist of blocks and their arenas. The game consist of a single character whose work is to throw bombs.
  • The graphics of the game are visually very appealing so whenever you throw a bomb a bright streak of light emerges out from the bomb. It is a run game.
  • You will have to continuously run in the game till you fall in the trap of the enemies or fall down.

Game Play of Mega Blast

  • The player has to make its way to the various levels in the game by bombarding several things in the arena.
  • The path through which the player has to move is full of twists and turns. If you slip from the path. You can fall in the water.
  • Player can also collect various coins that come in the way to increase your powers to throw the bombs at the obstacles.
  • Player can unlock various powers in the game to counter the obstacles.

How to download Mega Blast for Windows 10?

  • Download the Mega Blast apk
  • Then download Bluestacks App player
  • Now open the Bluestacks app player
  • Install the Mega Blast apk using the player.
  • After the installation is complete, you fill find Mega Blast in the app section of Bluestacks.
  • Now click on the application and enjoy.

3. Mega Blast 2

The game has been built for all age groups. The UI is simple and intrigue. The company has done various refinements in the game. The targets and enemies are clearer. The game is fun to play on Windows 10