LEGO for Windows 10 PC

LEGO for Windows 10 PC: This is the RPG announced by the famous RPG manufacturer LEGO. The game will involve the characters from the previous RPG series. It can also involve the famous LEGO properties like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Ninjago the famous RPG will be the part of the game.

Features of LEGO for Windows 10 PC

  • LEGO will consist of several properties. The game will be a mix of various properties. The game will consist of all the characters from Ninjago series.
  • Your favorite Hollywood characters will be included in the game. You will be able to play the role of all your favorite characters from LEGO.
  • The aim of the game would be to catch the villains. You will have to chase the villains who are either attacking or fleeing from the city.
  • You can get access to the different cars for chasing the villains in the game. You will have to face a lot of hurdles when you chase the villain.
  • You can perform stunts in the game while chasing the villain which will give you the points. You can also play the role of villain and let the heroes chase you.
  • You can form an entire team of villains to fight against the heroes. As a villain you can steal the parts of Ninjago Island to build Djinjago Island in the sky.

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Game Details

  • Publisher: Nexon
  • Developer: Nexon
  • Category: RPG
  • Player Mode: Multi-Player
  • Operating System: Xbox Live, Xbox 360, coming soon on Microsoft Windows 10 PC

How to download LEGO for windows 10 PC?

The game has not been released yet. We will update you as soon as the game is available for Windows 10 PC

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The legacy of LEGO RPG games is followed in this new game which is going to be launched soon. You will have e the privilege to play the role of your favorite character. The game will have levels from popular games which are previously been launched by LEGO.