John Wick: The Game for Windows 10 PC

John Wick: The Game for Windows 10 PC: The game is the virtual reality version of the famous flick John Wick. It is a standalone first person shooter game. The game is set around the enigmatic continental hotel. The game reflects amazing cinematography Wick’s character and the story has been seamlessly integrated into the game.

24. John Wick The Game for Windows 10 PC

Features of John Wick: The Game for Windows 10

  • The game consist of the real life character of the movie John Wick. The story of the game is set around the continental hotel.
  • The story is similar to the one we saw in the movie .We have to play the role of John wick and counter the challenges that he faces in the game.
  • The lobbies and places in the game look similar to what we saw in the film. The game can be played with the help of motion controllers.
  • The motion controlled game gives you the most real experience of the character. The image of John Wick is carried throughout the game with the same passion as depicted in the film.
  • You have an option to choose from a variety of guns and grenades while playing your favourite character.
  • You can set the targets to kill the enemy with the help of easy navigation provided during the game.
  • You can buy additional weapons as you kill specific enemies with the help of the coins collected.
  • The outrage and the anger of the character who has lost his wife, his car and a puppy is clearly visible in the game.
  • Other characters in the game also look quite similar to the original ones. The mad car race and the fights have been simulated on similar lines.

John Wick: The Game – Game Details

  • Publisher: Starbreeze AB, WEVR
  • Developer: Grab Games
  • Category: Role Play
  • Player Mode: Single-Player
  • Game Rating: Mature
  • Others Gaming Type: Blood, Intense Violence
  • Operating System: Xbox Live, Xbox 360, coming soon on Microsoft Windows 10 PC

How to download John Wick: The Game for Windows 10?

The game has not been released for Windows 10 yet. Will update you as soon as it gets released.

John Wick: The Game will keep you engaged throughout the end. The game is designed like the movie itself. You will find a lot of similarities with the characters that you find the real movie. The story of the game is depicted in the same fashion. The visual effects of the game are above expectations.