Instagram For Windows 10 Mobile

Instagram For Windows 10 Mobile: Using a Windows phone for a social media addict as a daily tool of social media interaction is very difficult as we are currently bored with a lack of few popular apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, Periscope etc. Microsoft is struggling to meet this deficiency as few other official apps that are available lack any new features from their Android and iOS relatives. However, in such an instance, we’re lucky to have talented third-party app developers like Rudy Huyn who is a Windows developer from France who have brought some excellent apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Tinder etc. back to life. Because Instagram is very popular among those who wish to transform their everyday photos and video clips to a piece of art and wants to share it with the world.

Instagram For Windows 10 Mobile

Instagram is one such world where you can experience the union and sharing of ideas and beautiful visual treats. Instagram provides you a platform to express your talents in photography and also share your happiness with not only your family or friends but with a wider audience like other Instagrammers, celebs, artists etc. once you log in, you’ll see an entire collection of new photos uploaded instantly seen through the eyes of Instagrammers worldwide.

Instagram allows you to free editing with custom filters and 10 advanced editing features including adjusting contrast, brightness, saturation, perspective etc. You can like and comment your friend’s pictures and uploading is unlimited. You also have a full back and front camera support system. You can also get people to follow you based on the pages and photos they like. This application also opens a window to share your creativity with social networks too including Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter etc. you can also send and receive personal messages from your friends via Instagram.

Now news is out that Facebook brings out a new Instagram app for Windows 10. Almost 150 million users of Instagram are found to love the app and finds the need for having them on your Windows phone too to extend the world of sharing. The new version Instagram beta v0.3 consists of more advancement in performance including crash fixes and refinements in UX. Instagram beta v 2.1 consists of additional functions including bug fixing and crash fixing and further improvements in the User Interface.

Now Instagram is one of the most popular social media especially after its up gradation to beta versions. Microsoft’s target of universalizing apps for Windows devices users will gain victory with their same efforts in an app like Instagram.