Independence Day: Resurgence for PC (Windows 10) Download

Independence Day: Resurgence for PC (Windows 10) Download: The game has been built around a famous movie with the same name. The game is an RPG, where you will play the role of your famous Independence Day: Resurgence characters. The characters of the game are kept the same as the original movie. The movie has taken a leap of 20 years and the characters have grown older, the characters in the game also are shown old.

Features of Independence Day: Resurgence for Windows 10

The game has been designed along the same lines as the story of the film. The aliens have gathered strength in 20 years and are coming back to fight against the humans. They are causing mass destruction on earth. There are characters which will help to rescue the devastation caused by the aliens.

Game Play of Independence Day: Resurgence

You will have to choose one of your favourite characters in order to play the game. After choosing one of the characters in the game you will have to deal with the different types of aliens that come to cause the destruction of earth. You will have to act as a saviour and kill the aliens that come in your way in order to fight. You will get various powers as you play different battles in the game to fight against the enemies.

How to download Independence Day: Resurgence for Windows 10?

The game has not yet released on Windows 10.We will update you once it is available for Windows 10.

The game has characters of one of the blockbuster movie of the Hollywood. The story and the plot of the game is really interesting. You will get the chance to play your favorite characters from the movie. There are many features of the game yet to be explored. Once the game becomes available for Windows 10 we will give you more reviews about the new features and exciting game play.