Fire Emblem for Windows 10 PC

Fire Emblem for Windows 10 PC: Developed by Intelligent Systems, Fire Emblem is a popular role-playing simulation game published by Nintendo. The Japanese game is known for being the first in its genre of strategic role-playing introduced in April 1990. There have been several releases in the Fire Emblem Series since 1990; its recent release was in 2015 by the name Fire Emblem Fates. So are you ready to get your hands on this exciting and tactical role-playing game? Download Now on your Windows 10 PC!

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Features of Fire Emblem for Windows 10 PC

  • Customize the Avtar of the Protagonist
  • A game for Single-player and Multiple
  • Play matches with local, random and selected players
  • Select your difficulty level: Normal, Hard and Lunatic
  • Choose whom to be a Mastermind for between Kingdom of Hoshido (Birthplace) and Nohr (Adopted Home)
  • Unique Storyline for each series
  • Dictate the fate of each character with multiple modes
  • View transitions from Top-Down and from a Third Person view during the Fight
  • Different Environments and Terrain for each levels ranging from Mountains to Flatlands.
  • Create a base for your Army with the New ‘My Castle’ Feature
  • Unlock additional actions by Building Affinity
  • Develop Relationships between Characters to the point of Marriage and Children
  • Parents can shape the appearance and abilities of their Children

Game Play of Fire Emblem

  • Change the gender, appearance and name as per your preference
  • Use Classic, Casual and Phoenix Modes to control the fate of your character’s defeat
  • Create base for your army with Shops, buy Weapons and Items and communicate with allied characters by using the New ‘My Castle’ Feature
  • Visit other Player bases by using Street Pass
  • Upgrade your Shops by levelling up your game
  • Attack the controlled unit and block units in an attack by building affinity

15. Fire Emblem for Windows 10 PC 2

How to download Fire Emblem for Windows 10 PC?

Have fun with the Downloadable Content (DLC) available Online. Fire Emblem is not available for download at the moment. We will keep you posted about the latest news about Fire Emblem Series.

This Japanese-based role-playing game will have your mind thinking about new strategies of upping your game each time you log in to play. Use your creativity to build your character and empire for this incredibly braining teasing game. Play hard to save your Life! Stay tuned for news on Fire Emblem Download.