Dreadhalls for Windows 10 PC Download

Dreadhalls for Windows 10 PC:  Dreadhalls is a horror based adventure game. The game can give you goose bumps as the creatures in the game are deadly. There are several ghosts in this game that you will have to face. This game is for the courageous people as there are no additional weapons to counter the ghosts.

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Features of Dreadhalls for Windows 10

  • The game is plotted in an underground prison of a castle. There are several ghosts present in the castle’s prison who feed on human beings.
  • There are several characters in the game to choose from. There are different levels in the game depending on difficulty and the number of ghosts that you will have to encounter.
  • There is a soothing music in the game to relax you after you face a monster. There is an inventory to store the loot that you make in the game.

Game Play of Dreadhalls for Windows 10

  • When you enter the prison you have to make your way out by finding the exit gates. Several deadly ghosts will come in your way to stop you from making an exit.
  • You have to counter and escape the ghosts without weapons. The only way you can escape is run.
  • You will have to walk through the different corridors. You will have to open different doors in the game.
  • Some of the doors will be empty and others will have ghosts. You will have to keep opening the doors and face the creatures till you find an exit.
  • The game is like a maze where you need to keep on moving until you find a way out.

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Dreadhalls– Game Details

  • Developer: Sergio Hidalgo Serrano
  • Category: Action, Adventure
  • Player Mode: Single-Player
  • Game Rating: Mature
  • Others Gaming Type: Blood, Intense Violence and horror
  • Operating System: Xbox Live, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows 10 PC

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How to download Dreadhalls for Windows 10?

  • Download the Dreadhalls Jockey apk
  • Then download Bluestacks App player
  • Now open the Bluestacks app player
  • Install the Dreadhalls apk using the player.
  • After the installation is complete, you fill find the Dreadhalls application in the app section of Bluestacks.
  • Now click on the application and enjoy.

The game is a unique combination of adventure and horror. The game is not for the fainthearted people as there are several creepy ghosts in the game to make you afraid. It is a virtual reality game. The monsters will keep chasing you till you find an exit and win the game.