Disney magic Kingdoms for Windows 10

Install Disney Magic Kingdoms on Windows PC: Famous game developer Gameloft in association with Disney has launched latest Disney video game, Disney Magic Kingdoms, for Windows 10 and smartphones. You can download this game from windows web store also. See and help your favorite Disney movie characters to build a new world in different theme parks. The characters can build their theme park anywhere in the world. The objective of the game is to build theme parks and defeat evil queen Maleficent. This game is based on the same concept as my little pony: Friendship is a magic which was also developed by the same developer.

Disney magic Kingdoms 1


  • See your favorite movie characters like Monster, Donald and Mickey Mouse build theme parks on the world map.
  • Realistic graphics and excellent sound quality.
  • The theme parks are inspired by the movies.
  • Watch your favorite characters parade in the theme parks.
  • Help build your favorite cartoon movies characters like Rapunzel, buzz Light-year, tinker bell and more; magical theme parks.
  • Go on quests and progress in the game.
  • Earn game points to use them as currency for in-app
  • Defeat maleficent by collecting Disney-themed items and bring back spellbound characters to life
  • Take your stand against the evil
  • Decipher magical stories and adventures.
  • Fight with evil characters like Pete, mother Gothel and zurg.
  • Share your theme park collection with friends.
  • Collaborate and play against your friends

How to download Disney’s magic Kingdom for Windows 10 PC

Windows 10 user can simply download the game from web store the game requires an internet connection. To enjoy some features like building theme parks with friends or playing against a friend; the user will have to log into social networking sites and link the game to their Facebook account.

  • Go to web store download and install the game.
  • Open the game and wait till the introduction is played.
  • When the intro finishes, the game engine automatically starts downloading additional content.
  • Let the additional data of 200 MB download.
  • When the additional data is finished downloading, launch game to play.

Disney magic Kingdoms 2

Play this super addictive game on your Personal Computer or smartphone, you can also save your data to Microsoft account to transfer your progress from the game to other devices. The game, as yet, does not support Xbox live.  Disney magic kingdom is a family game and can be played by a user of any age group. The objective of the game is to defeat evil queen Maleficent by breaking her spell off of different cartoon characters. Follow the instructions, earn potions to unlock the new characters and rid the magic kingdom of villainous evil’s spell.