Clash of Kings for Windows 10

Clash of Kings for Windows 10 is a strategy game, only being time as a constraint. It is a simple simulator game. The idea is simple: Fight to make your empire big. Play this game to feel like a king.

This game introduces you to the real situations of the battlefield. Watch out who your friend is and who your enemy is. Explore the various kingdoms, make wars, and build kingdoms, what do you expect more?

On start, you’re the king of your empire which is ruined and you have to build your city up, also an army which can withstand a war. For that, you have to build farms and sawmills. These resources also help militia. Upgrades are there to make the farming fast. Building up the city is a slow process; it takes 4 minutes to make a simple unit of militia, more time to upgrade. The game also allows players to skip building and upgrade timers with less than 5 minutes remaining.

Download Clash of Kings for Windows 10

download a free app player called Bluestacks available for Windows and Mac, you can download Bluestacks software from here

1. After installing the Bluestacks emulator software, open it and search for Clash of Kings and click on the install button to install and play the game.

2. If you can’t find the game on the Bluestacks app search, then you can install the “Clash of Kings” using the following method.

3. Download the Clash of Kings APK and open the APK file using Bluestacks App player and play the game.

Install Mercury browser App on Windows 10 using Andyroid

1. Download Andyroid Emulator from here and install it on your Windows computer.

2. Open Andyroid and Connect your Google Plus account associated with Google play store and download Clash of Kings to your PC.

Alliances play important role in this game. An alliance is a group of players that work together to build up their cities. It can help in lot of ways, you will only get to know, if you play this game.

Graphics are good; detailing is good, too good for a free game. Interface is simple yet so engaging. The sound in the game is good but is limited, well, who listen to the sound when you’re focusing on the gameplay. Overall, Clash of King is good game, it consumes some time at start, but then, it is worth it.