The BluVR for PC (Windows 10) download

The BluVR for PC (Windows 10) download:  The BluVR is a mesmerizing virtual reality game that gives you an amazing deep sea experience. As you dive under the water with the help of the VR controllers you experience the magic of the ocean. The creatures that live under the water like the whale, looks very real. The movement of water under the sea and the noises of the creatures of deep sea is the hallmark of this virtual reality game. This type of environment is not possible in real life so the game has taken virtual reality to new heights. You will be able to feel an 80 feet blue whale while you play the game.

The BluVR for PC (Windows 10) download

Features of The BluVR for Windows 10

  • It is an RPG that puts you in the role of a submarine explorer who is out deep in the sea to explore different creatures of the sea.
  • The submarine explorer is sent to a coral reef where he sees the aquatic life. He also finds a sunken ship deep down in the sea.
  • The ship is very old and contains a lot of belongings of the people who died when the ship sank.
  • The audio of the game is very good. You can use headsets and VR glasses in order to get the experience of the life under the sea.

Game Play of The BluVR

  • The game play is very simple .You can control your directions in the game with the help of VR headsets.
  • You can give the directions with the help of your neck movements in the game.
  • There are no targets in the game.
  • You will have to keep moving and you will gradually find the sunk ship and will encounter the virtual reality experience of a massive whale.

How to download The BluVR for Windows 10?

The game is not yet available for download on Windows 10.We will update you as soon as the game becomes available for download on Windows 10 PC.

The BluVR gives you an amazing high quality VR experience with extreme graphics. The concept itself is very interesting. The things we cannot do in the real life or are afraid to do are now possible in Virtual reality. Most of the people are afraid of underwater diving so a virtual reality game The BluVR helps them to live this experience in a way never imagined before.