Bitcoin Billionaire for Windows 10

Idle? Let’s play a game on my android phone. You will find lot of games out there on android, but playing the new ones are always fun. Bitcoin Billionaire has released for android, after a success on iOS. This game is good for killing your time, but I bet, you will soon get addicted to it, and then this game is no longer an idle time click.
This tapping game has all the things you need to serve you great in idle time. Tapping the glass has never been so fun. It is about mining fake bitcoins by tapping on the screen rapidly. After that, you can spend that bitcoins for the things present in the game. And your investment increases rapidly. There is a tool, the miner tool, which can be upgraded to later levels, more bitcoins per tap.

Interface is cool, fake news bar is running at the top, don’t believe it, it is just a fun element. A guy in front of his computer counts the coins and just sit there pressing the keyboard. Graphics are enough good to let you know what is happening. I bet you won’t ask for more in such a tiny game.

Download RGB Express for Windows 10

download a free app player called Bluestacks available for Windows and Mac, you can download Bluestacks software from here

1. After installing the Bluestacks emulator software, open it and search for Bitcoin Billionaire and click on the install button to install and play the game.

2. If you can’t find the game on the Bluestacks app search, then you can install the “Bitcoin Billionaire ” using the following method.

3. Download the Bitcoin Billionaire APK and open the APK file using Bluestacks App player and play the game.

Install RGB Express on Windows 10 using Andyroid

1. Download Andyroid Emulator from here and install it on your Windows computer.

2. Open Andyroid and Connect your Google Plus account associated with Google play store and download Bitcoin Billionaire to your PC.

This game deserves five stars for making us busy just by tapping. Tapping games fascinate me. It is just how simple they’re but still good enough. Their simplicity of running, making things happen only by clicking is what makes them a good time killer. It also supports multi-tapping. You can play this game while watching T.V, while surfing internet or anytime you would like. I bet you will enjoy it on very first. Still reading this? Open Playstore and install it.