Animal Crossing for Windows 10 PC

Animal Crossing for Windows 10 PC: Developed and published by Nintendo Animal Crossing is a Video Game in the Simulation Genre. The open-ended game features the Player as a human character in it who lives in a village with Animals having fun and creating a world of his own. The Animal Crossing Series is an E-Rated Game that can be played by Players of junior to senior age groups. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? DOWNLOAD Animal Crossing now and enjoy the company of your Animal Friends.

Animal Crossing – The Series

  1. Animal Crossing (2001)
  2. Animal Crossing: Wild World (2005)
  3. Animal Crossing: City Folk (2008)
  4. Animal Crossing: New Leaf (2012)

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Features of Animal Crossing for Windows 10 PC

  • Real-time gaming experience
  • Open-ended Game with no defined objectives
  • House up with Four Human Players
  • Multiple players can explore the Village at anytime
  • Perform tasks like Gardening, Catching Bugs, Fishing, paying Mortgage and many more
  • Customize your name, gender and appearance
  • Explore various facets of the game to collect items
  • In-game currencies to sell Objects to Tom Nook (The Village Merchant) for Bells
  • Special Tools for Insect Collecting and Fishing
  • Socialize with other animal residents by playing games and sending and receiving letters
  • Interact with fellow players Online as well as Offline
  • Communicate with Players via Bulletin Boards and Post Office

Game Play of Animal Crossing

  • Customize your character for effective game playing
  • Collect items by exploring the village and gathering fruits from trees and seashells
  • Buy desired items by collecting Bells

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How to download Animal Crossing for Windows 10 PC?

Animal Crossing is currently not available in the Windows 10 Store. Stay tuned for the latest news on Download

Game App Details

  • Publisher: ThomasW
  • Category: Simulation & Entertainment
  • Age Rating: 7+ Years
  • Operating System: Coming soon on Windows 10
  • Supported Languages: English (United States)

Animal Crossing is an addictive game for individuals of all age groups. We bet you are going to enjoy hanging out with those little Animal Friends of yours. We totally get your excitement which is why we are going to keep you posted about the developments on the release of Animal Crossing on Windows 10 PC. Stay connected for Download updates.