Download Age of Empires Castle Siege for Windows 10

Raise your empire and battle against your opponents by downloading Age of empires Castle Siege for Windows 10, AOE Castle Siege is a classical tower defense game which is developed by Smoking Gun Interactive along with association of Microsoft Studios. The game was launched on 26th August 2014. The game is available for download free as a Windows application and is specifically designed by Microsoft for Windows 8 and the latest Windows 10 versions.

aoe castle seige



Features of Age of Empires Castle Siege for Windows 10

1. The game is available for free for Windows 10 and it also supports multiplayer gaming, so you can play with player from all over the world.

2. Building: Players need to build a strong castle and raise their army under the building.

3. Resources: the players have three types of resources. These include food, water and stones to build upon and protect.

4. Troops: there are three types of armies: infantry, cavalry and siege engines.

5. Civilizations: the players can choose any type of civilizations at the start of the game.

6. Battle: Users can build army and can use their armies to attack each other’s castles. The game allows only 5 minutes breaking down the defenses. The game is won only if half of the buildings of enemy are destroyed.

Age of empires castle siege is the latest version in the series of strategy games developed by Microsoft studios. The game is known to be a popular among strategy game lovers with impressive game graphics, real time strategies and amazing gameplay. The game is developed in single gameplay and campaign mode. You can enjoy this game on your Windows 10 laptop or mobile phone and the game is available for free download for Windows 10.