3D chess game for windows 10

A Trillion games developer has launched a 3D chess game for windows 10. The game allows total zoom function and the graphics have been developed carefully by the developer. Play 25 A.I levels by challenging PC for a match. You can choose to play on a set countdown or on no time limit mode. 3D chess game for windows 10 lets you choose the opponent type, you can choose to play against a human or A.I. There is one more mode available which allows an A.I against A.I match. The user can also undo his/her moves and can see all the previous moves he played. You can play the game on your laptop; the game supports touch function of a laptop.

3D Chess Game 1


  • Powerful chess engine which allows even a beginner to play.
  • Powerful graphics, 3D animations and sound effects.
  • Game statistics can be accessed.
  • Change the color of chess board and pieces.
  • The user can undo moves, stop and resume the game.
  • Watch A.I play against A.I on different levels.
  • The user can see A.I moves when it is processing.
  • Time mode option is available.
  • Tutorial for a complete
  • No set configuration required for PC.
  • Touch and mouse both are supported

3D Chess Game 2

How to download 3D chess game for windows 10

The game is free of cost and does not require any set configuration for the PC before download.

  • Search the game on your internet browser’s search engine.
  • Download and install the game from softsonic
  • Click to launch the game and enjoy the most addictive chess game.

3D chess game is an addictive game with an outstanding graphic fluidity. The game is really challenging and the highest difficulty level is 25th level. As you advance in the levels, the user can see his/her progress statistics.  When you reach the final levels, the game engine can see a lot of possible moves to play a competitive chess. The user can rotate the chess board or change the color of chess board as well as the color of pieces according to his/her liking.